interacive operation

Unisen joins hands with Tencent, Skyworth to release flagship TV Box

Recently, Unisen, based on years of R&D in technology and software, cooperated further with Skyworth and Tencent to launch cutting-edge high-definition network set-top box. And on May 23, the Penguin Aurora Box, known as the “Annual Flagship Product”, officially made its debut in Jingdong Mall. The Penguin Aurora Box, will give to the users rich and high-quality Internet video resources for free, wonderful experience of QQ music, national K songs and other home entertainments, smart voice operation for convenience and [...]

3 tools for new retail

3 tools from Tencent for new retail ecology

Tencent joins hands with BBK, Walmart and other ecology-oriented partners to forge a smart new retail. During 2 years, the whole country has been dotted with 321 smart brick-and-mortar stores, and BBK has built the ecology system of smart retail characteristic of panoramic style and full channels. This system provides the users with an at-hand smart retail scene anywhere and anytime, which Meets the diversified shopping needs and achieves a comprehensive upgrade from traditional retail to smart retail . The purchasing [...]

inevitable trend of TV

Interactive screen-casting technology leads to a subversive revolution in TV industry

The ongoing Smart TV is a revolution and the combination Smart TV +AI” is to provide our home life with unprecedented experience in operation just as “mobile+AI” gives us so much convenience.     The evolution of China’s television China’s TV underwent several revolutionary phases, starting form the projects on digital high-definition television in 1992 when the Chinese government began to organize relevant scientific and technological research, which indicated the transition from analog TV to digital TV is an inevitable trend in technology [...]