FAQ about OEM & ODM

Q: What is your range of  OEM & ODM services:
A: Our OEM items cover customized product, technology application, and service.

Q: What is the OEM duration?
A delivery of 3-5 days for products in stock;
A delivery of 10-15 days for common OEM order
A delivery of about 25 days for big OEM order ( depends on the amount)

Q: What is the shipment way and what if i designate an export port?
A: Our factory is in Dongguan Mainland China, and the default FOB port is Shenzhen. Please info us of your designated Port before the contract is signed so that we can check out the balance.

Q: What about the delivery items for OEM order?
A: To be negotiated and listed in the contract.

Q: Is there a free sample available?
A: The sample is not free, but you will get the balance when the OEM order is confirmed.

Q: What about the Packaging details?
A: You may select our recommended packaging listed above here, or contact us for a customized packaging which may be listed in the contract.

Q: Can I get a lower price if I order large quantities?
A: Yes. The price may vary with the quantity. Cheaper price always goes with a larger order.

Q: What is the MOQ?
A: 10pcs or more for neutral products in stock. Minimum quantity of customized product depends on custom details such as the color, language, layout, extra functions, etc.

Q: How you guarantee the production quality?
1) 22-year OEM experience and qualifications
2) Experienced R&D team and strict QC management
3) The Quality standard we stick to and certificates we got
4) Verified samples and confirmed contract items
5) Supervision from third-party (Alibaba platform here)

How can i keep my order or more exactly my money safe?
A: We recommend you to pay through trade assurance channel on Alibaba.