Refund and exchange

30day return for any reason, 18-month warranty, lifetime technical support

Many thanks for choosing our service and at the same time we are very sorry for the inconvenience from your purchase here.

We guarantee an absolute warranty in the warranty period, which is made much clear in the user manual, our official site and other platforms. If you have any problem with the product during this period, please contact us via email, social platform for timely support before you have to demand the refund or an exchange.

As a reminder, please refer to the self-service FAQ or manual section on our website to resolve some issues about pairing, disconnection, signal disorder, operation details, which is a comparably time-saving and energy-saving way. Of course, you can also contact us via the website “contact us”  or by finishing the following table.

Thanks for all of the information you are providing in advance.

The way to access warranty info:

Order ID: please refer to your order history.

Product Name: You may find it in your order history, on the packaging or in manual items.

Refund or Exchange: Please enter your preference that we can accommodate your needs properly.

Reason for Request: Enter a short description of the problem here, e.g. “defective”.

Issue details: Please list the problem in details, which is important for us to provide you with better service in the future.

And now comes the table:

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