iPazzPort Air Mouse Remote with Mini Wireles Keyboard, Voice Input IR Learning Controller for Smart TV,PC,Projector,Raspberry pi

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iPazzPort Universal TV Air Mouse Remote with Wireless Keyboard, Portable Rechargeable, Voice Input IR Learning Controller for Google Smart TV,Android TV Box,PC,Raspberry pi (Bluetooth & 2.4G Version)

[4in-1 Multifunctional Air Remote Control] -This is a compact dualsided combo that QWERTY keypad and fly mouse, motion sensing function, voice search, and infrared learning function. You can use it to control motion sensing games, search for and receive emails, remote replacement etc.

[Builtin 6-Axis Gyroscope] -The universal TV remote control can easily manage horizontal and vertical modes, allowing you to enjoy mobile games, web browsing, and social networking on the large screen with simple hand movements.

[Voice Input] -Your air remote mouse builtin microphone, so you can take advantage of the voice searching and controls. This feature is especially favored by kids and elders.Notes: Voice Search Function doesn’t works like Alexa Voice Remote, it can’t across APP.

[IR Learning and Built-in Rechargeable Battery]

-15 programmable keys(excluding TV /voice keys) can let you control the basic functions (Power, Channel, volume, and mute etc) of your TV, sound bar, and A/V receiver; The built-in battery is more energy-saving and power-saving, long standby time, avoid the trouble of frequent battery replacement.

[Dual-mode Connectivity] -This lightweight handhedl multimedia air mouse keyboard supports both 2.4GHz and Bluetooth connections. The 2.4GHz connection is plug and play—simply insert the USB into the device to use it. For Bluetooth connection, you’ll need to eject the USB receiver and press the OK+Return keys to Bluetooth. the transmission distance can up to 10m/33ft (5m/16ft voice transmission distance).

[Widely Compatible] -Compatible with Android TV Box, Mini PC,Smart TV, Projector,Nvidia Shield,HTPC,desktop,laptop,media center,Tablet, Raspberry Pi 4,Xbox 360. support system : Windows/ Android/ MAC OS/ Linux.

Note:>1. Please charge for two hours before use. >2.When connecting via Bluetooth, please first pop up the 2.4G receiver. >3. OK key, which is the left mouse. >4. Voice search is Google search. >4.Please plug in the receiver when charging to ensure 100% charging..

iPazzPort Air Mouse Remote with Mini Wireless Keyboard is a multifunctional remote control that combines the functionalities of an air mouse and a compact wireless keyboard. It can control devices such as TVs, computers, smartphones, and more like a traditional remote control. Additionally, it allows cursor control through air mouse capabilities and enables text input, content searches, and various operations using the mini wireless keyboard, providing users with a more convenient and diverse operating experience.


  • Air Mouse Functionality: Enables cursor control through motion sensing, allowing users to navigate screens and interfaces by moving the remote in the air.
  • Wireless Keyboard: Provides a compact keyboard for text input, enabling users to type, search, and execute commands efficiently.
  • Device Control: Works as a remote control for various devices such as smart TVs, computers, streaming boxes, and gaming consoles.
  • Multimedia Controls: Includes dedicated buttons or functions for controlling multimedia playback like volume adjustment, play/pause, rewind, and fast forward.
  • Compatibility: Compatible with Android TV Box, Mini PC,Smart TV, Projector,Nvidia Shield,HTPC,HTPCt-top box.desktop,laptop,media center,Tablet, Raspberry Pi 4,Xbox 360. support system : Windows/ Android/ MAC OS/ Linux.
  • Ergonomic Design: Designed for comfortable handling and easy operation, enhancing the user experience during extended use.
  • Easy to set up and use: Plug-and-Play, offers simple setup without the need for extensive installation or configurations.
  • Built-in rechargeable lithium battery: can be charged with the included USB cable,Long standby time.
  • Google voice search : It integrates voice recognition functionality, allowing users to control devices or perform searches by inputting commands via voice


  • Before using the remote control, ensure that the battery is fully charged. Please plug in the receiver when charging to ensure 100% charging.
  • Not all the devices could use microphone. it will reqiure the app support voice input. like google app .
  • press mic button to enable or disable micreophone(while input voice, there is no need to press the mic button)
  • plug the usb dongle into the usb port of your device. remote will be paired with the device automatically. test by moving remote to see if cursor is moving. if not, and red led indicator is not flashing. press mouse button and try again. if still not ,try plug the usb dongle into another usb port
  • why does the cursor move very slow. or even disappeared?—–please try :replace batteries, re-plug the usb dongle .press ‘ok+return’ re-pair.
  • This keyboard works perfectly on most TV’s, but we can’t promise it will work on every Smart TV, we recommend you test it with a regular wired keyboard and mouse before you buy

Precautions for IR learning function

  • 1.Before exit IR learning mode, you can continue to learn other functions from TV remote. After all functions learned, then press TV button to exit IR learning mode.
  • 2. When all the IR learning keys have been used, and you want to learn a new function, just repeat above steps. The button will only save the latest learned function. For example, you have learned POWER function to the red button, but you want to change the red button to volume up function, you just need to repeat above steps, then the POWER function will be replaced by volume up function, and the red button will perform the volume up function only.
  • 3. You can switch from IR mode to 2.4G wireless mode, just press TV button. Remote will work with USB dongle connected with your device.
  • 4. By pressing OK + ON/OFF key for 5 sec will clear IR learning for all keys.

How to set IR learning function

STEP1 correct pairing method

Simultaneously hold down the OK + TV keys for more than 10S, release the TV key first, and then release the OK key. At this point, the red light will flash slowly, entering the pairing mode

Wrong pairing method

1.When pressing OK+TV keys simultaneously for less than 10S, or releasing the OK key first, the green indicator light comes on, indicating unsuccessful pairing

2.When holding down the OK+TV keys for more than 10S, releasing them, and the indicator light does not illuminate, the pairing cannot be established either

STEP2 correct power button pairing method

Simultaneously press the power button. At this point, the red LED indicator will flash very fast, the pairing is successful. Then press the TV button to exit learning mode, and it can now be used to power on or off the TV

Note: Pairing must be initiated while the red light is flashing slowly

Wrong power button pairing method

Pressing and holding the power button results in a continuously lit red light or a slowly flashing red light, indicating unsuccessful pairing.

Exit and proceed with the same method repeatedly until successful pairing is achieved

Pocket Size

This product is extremely compact and lightweight, making it easy to carry and use.

Product size: 6.2*2*0.5 inches

Product weight: 0.22 pound

Saving Mode

When not use for a long time, it will enter sleep mode, which is more power-saving, can be woken up by pressing any key.

Packing list

1 * Air Mouse Remote with Mini Keyboard

1 * User manual

1 * USB receiver

1 * USB cable


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