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Unisentech helps upgrade traditional hotels into smart ones for a soaring register rate

With point-point interactive controlling going further to scene interaction due to the speedup of thing internet, Unisengroup is emphasizing technology investment in embedded smart player, smart home, smart hotel, system and platform. Taking upgrading normal hotel into smart one as an example, Unisengroup, based on hotels’ actual merits and demerits, introduces “ multiple screen interaction on phone”, smart control, and customized service (under improvement) to give customers an individual experience (more TV programs and unlimited content on your phone) [...]

mini USB infrared keyboard with touchpad

Top 5 wireless keyboards for Smart TV and Streaming media player 2018

Preview: This article is to list 5 suitable and also best mini keyboard for TV, TV box, Pi, on market by balancing its size, ergo design, wireless connection, function, cursor track of touchpad, wireless connection and cost efficiency. Why you need a mini keyboard? Most smart TVs, streaming media player or the combination (TV plus TV box) do much more than just displaying the channels. These installed Apps, features and network function are predisposed to giving the users more surprise and wonderful experience [...]