iPazzPort Wireless HDMI Transmitter and Receiver, 98ft Range, No Drivers. 5GHz Stream 1080P@60Hz Video Audio from Laptops, Cameras, Cable Boxes, PS5 to TVs and Monitors

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iPazzPort Wireless HDMI Transmitter and Receiver, 98ft Range, No Drivers. 5GHz Stream 1080P@60Hz Video Audio from Laptops, Cameras, Cable Boxes, PS5 to TVs and Monitors

  • [Wireless HDMI Transmission]-It supports point-to-point wireless connectivity, allowing you to transmit audio or video data from the source device to your TV via HDMI, eliminating the hassle of wired connections and providing greater convenience.
  • [Plug and Play]- Simply plug-in, instant connection. no need for complicated software/drivers or wireless networks; Once connected, the signal can be sent from the transmitter to the receiver up to 98-feet/30m.
  • [Mirror or Extend Mode]- You can project movies, photos, music, and presentation materials from the small screen to the large screen. Screen mirroring – Real-time display of the same screen; Screen extension – Makes the computer screen different from the TV screen, and sets up separate areas for work and entertainment.
  • [Stable Transmission and 1080P HD video]-Provides stable video and audio transmission with video resolution of up to 1080P@60Hz and is downward compatible.The built-in chip can prevent delay and lag caused by signal interference,allowing you to enjoy a smooth viewing experience.
  • [Wide Compatibility]- Compatible with various devices such as Blu-ray/DVD player, projector,cable/satellite boxe,tablet, HD digital camcorders, PS5, DSLR cameras, set-top boxes,DVR, IPTV,Mac, computer, or other media players. (source devices without HDMI interface can also use the transmitter via an HDMI converter).
  • Connection precautions: 1. Check if the power cord is connected, if the voltage is sufficient {5V/2A}, and if the TX and RX power lights are on. 2.Unable to connect from a long distance, try close range first. Different environments and distances may vary. 3.Reconnect the test interface. 4.The compatibility of the device can be tested with wired HDMI before purchase

Product Description

Wireless HDMI transmitters and receivers are employed for wirelessly transmitting high-definition video and audio signals, enabling the transmission of content from source devices (such as Laptop/ PC /Camera) to target display equipment (such as TVs and projectors) without the need for wired connections, making them suitable for both office meetings and home theaters.




  • Wireless Connectivity: Supports point-to-point wireless connectivity, eliminating the need for complex wired connections.
  • High Resolution: Provides high-resolution video transmission, such as 1080P, for clear image quality.
  • Stable Transmission: Ensures stable transmission of video and audio, reducing signal interference and latency.
  • Plug and Play: Simple plug-and-play operation, no need to install additional drivers or software.
  • Wide Compatibility: Compatible with a variety of devices, including DVD,set-top box, computers,projector and more.
  • Strong Interference Resistance: Supports 5G operating frequency, resisting external interference to ensure stable signal quality.
  • Multiple Operating Modes: Supports various operating modes, such as screen mirroring and screen extension, to meet different needs.
  • High Performance: Provides high-performance video and audio transmission to ensure a premium viewing and listening experience.
  • Easy Operation: User-friendly and straightforward to use, no complex setup required, just plug and play.
  • Multiple Resolution Support: Supports multiple resolutions, suitable for different display devices and requirements.


This device serves as a wired-to-wireless transmitter, enabling seamless transmission of content from source devices like laptops, set-top boxes, cameras. If unsure about its compatibility with your source device, such as laptops, it’s advisable to conduct a preliminary test using a wired HDMI transmitter. Ensure compatibility for optimal performance

  • Distance Limitation: The maximum transmission distance between the wireless HDMI transmitter and receiver is typically limited. Ensure that you stay within the specified transmission range for optimal performance.
  • Interference: Wireless devices may be susceptible to interference from other wireless devices. Minimize sources of interference to ensure a stable signal transmission.
  • Power: Ensure that both the transmitter and receiver are connected to the appropriate power source.(DC/5V)


Q :After inserting the power supply, the machine power light does not light up.

A: Inserting the power supply for about 10 seconds, the machine power light will light up. If it does not light up continuously, please check whether the power supply voltage is sufficient (Recommend using a 5V/2A charger for power supply) and whether the connection interface is securely plugged in.

Q: After plugging in the receiver into the TV, the screen is not displaying

A: 1 .Check if the machine has sufficient power supply and if the machine power light is on

2.Check if the TV’s input source is set to the HDMI port where the receiver is currently plugged in

Q: Is the screen blurry and has input delay?

A: If the image is blurry, please readjust the resolution of the laptop. Steps: right-click on the computer — screen resolution — select a different resolution for testing– solve.

Q: When connecting to the computer, why is there no sound on the TV?

A: The default sound for connecting to the computer is still on the computer. You need to find the sound in the computer control panel and select an HDMI device in the playlist, This way, the sound will play on the TV

Packing list:

1*HDMI wireless transmitter

1*HDMI wireless receiver

2*Micro USB charging cable

1*User manual




5G Stable Transmission

Wireless HDMI Video Transmitter Receiver built-in 2.4/5Ghz dual band high speed antenna, transmitting range up to 100FT /30 meters under a barrier-free environment without interference. Only 0.1s low latency.

Type-C or HDMI Transmitter

Please select the transmitter version based on your device, and note that the Type-C version requires your device to support DisplayPort 1 output functionality. This product includes only one transmitter and one receiver, supporting a one-to-one transmission.

Pocket Size

This product is extremely compact and lightweight, making it easy to carry and use.

Product size: 2.75*1.57*0.63 inches

Product weight: 1.4 iboz


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