USB to RS232 Female Male Cable USB to Serial Port 9 Holes USB to DB9 Female for Windows XP, Windows , Mac OS 10.6 Above Linux

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Easy to install

This cable is designed for ideal connections to Cellular Phone, Digital Camera,Modems or ISDN terminal adapters with over 1Mbps data transfer rate.

The USB-to-RS232 Female cable provides a simple and easy way to use bridge/connectivitybetween the Universal Serial Bus (USB) and Serial Port interface. With theadvantage of USB port, users have the capability to utilize the peripheralwith serial port interface in an easy-to-use environment such as plug andplay & hot swap function.

Chipset CH340 inside 0.8 meter

Full compliant with the USB2.0/1.1 standard

Supports the RS232 Serial interface

Supports automatic handshake mode

Over 1Mbps data transfer rate

Hot plug

Supports Remote wake-up and power management

Transfers your RS232 device to a USB device

it can’t support to connect the projector

Product description

USB2.0 to DB9Pin RS232 Female Converter Provides a connection from your RS232 Device, modems, ISDN Terminal Adapters, digital cameras, label writers, palm PCs, PDAs,cashier register,CNC,PLC controller,tax printer,POS. bar code scanner, bar code scanner , label printer and other devices with DBP Serial Ports to your PC and Laptops

This is USB2.0 to DB9 RS232 adapter, not USB2.0 to VGA adapter

Compatible operating system.

Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7, Vista, XP, Windows 2000 (Windows 7,8,10 should auto detect and install the drivers).

MacOS X 10.6 and above (both computer and device must support macOS).