USB to DC4.0 mm/1.7mm 5 Volt Dc Barrel Jack Power Cable

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  • Power devices from a USB port
  • For Small electronics and devices which use a 4.0mm barrel jack for a power cable
  • Provides 5V DC from USB
  • Type a Male USB plug to 4.0Mm(outer), 1.7mm (inner) Male coaxial/barrel plug with positive center pin.
  • Cable length: 1.2m

Product description

Charge Your 5V DC Devices From Your Computer Through A USB Port
The USB to Type M (4.0mm) Power Cable enables you to power an external 5V DC device,
using an available USB port on your desktop or laptop computer.
Perfect Solution For Mobile Applications
The USB to DC Plug cable is a perfect solution for mobile applications, eliminating the need to pack a wall adapter for charging 5V devices.
The CableDeconn Advantage
This product eliminates having to carry/store a power adapter, by enabling you to connect devices from a USB port to a DC plug.
Convert a USB A port into a type M power connector, for powering external drives or mobile peripherals through an available USB port on your desktop/laptop
One USB A male connector
One type M barrel power connector
Molded connectors with strain relief

Package Includes:
1 x USB to 4.0 mm/1.7mm 5 Volt DC Barrel Jack Power Cable