3Port HDMI 2.1 HDR 3In 1Out 8K Switcher with Remote Directional HDMI Video Converter Compatible with PS5 Xbox x HDMI TV Monitor

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How you can use this HDMI 8K 3×1 Switch and where you can use this Switch

This HDMI 8K 3Port 3in 1out Switch enables you to connect from three of your HDMI Source Devices,like PC,NoteBook,PS5/4,Xbox x,Set-Top Box etc to one of your HDMI TV,Projectors or Monitors,so that you can enjoy three screens in your external monitors BY quick switching(choose the screen,non-simultaneous display)

Please follow the below steps to operate the switch to make it work:

1: Connect three HDMI 2.1 cable from the switch’s source 1,source 2,source 3 to three of your HDMI signal source Devices.

2:Connect from the switch’s HDMI Displayport to your HDMI tvs,or hdmi monitors or projectors via one HDMI 8K cable

3:Connect a USB-C to USB-A Cable from our switch to your usb devices for power supply.

4:Select the signal source you would like to output in your tv.(press”select”button or using remote control)

5:If external power was connected,the power indicator would be on,As long as there is an input device connected, the corresponding device indicator will be on.

HDMI 2.1 8K 3X1 Switch,8K@60Hz 4K@120Hz Video Output

High Refresh Rate,Smooth video experience,Good Choices for PS5 game lovers to enjoy 120hz games

This HDMI 8K Switcher support Resolution up to 8K@60Hz,4K@120Hz. It works perfectly to output 4K@120Hz HDR in your HDMI 8K TVs through PS5 and X Box x,or other latest HDMI 2.1 8K Source Devices. For game lovers, Connect PS5 or Xbox x to their 8K TV through our HDMI switch, and then output 4K@120Hz, which will bring a smooth gaming experience to gamers.

This HDMI 3IN1 Switch supports most of HDMI 2.1 Features,like HDR,48Gbps,Dolby Audio etc

Notes:If you would like to output 8k@60hz or 4k@120hz via our HDMI switch to your hdmi monitors,please make sure that your source devices,your monitor and your hdmi cables all supports the refresh rate you would like to output.

hdmi 3×1 120hz switch splitter compatible with PS5,Xbox