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iPazzPort  pen mouse
$ 15.99 (varies with the amount)

Good for business, meeting, trip, and HTPC This is more than a pen, we call it “pen and mouse genie.” In addition to its well-enhanced optical mouse function, and the function of air mice, this pen mouse features “letter pen graffiti” function: the user can hold and write on the desk at ease as a common pen. Stylish, compact, easy to carry, super easy to use! Can be used for business meetings, PPT interpretation, speech, teaching, home entertainments, and many other occasions as an elegant remote ( Control Android TV box, for example)

26 iPazzPort pen mouse

26 iPazzPort pen mouse

Get started

1. Unscrew the battery cap as shown below:
2. Insert 1AAA alkaline battery correctly and turn on the pen mouse.
3. Insert the mini receiver into the USB port of the computer. (The PC will recognize the USB automatically)
4. Move the pen on the mouse pad, desktop, etc. to move the cursor.

1) It is best to put the pen mouse into the holder to move it while you use it as mouse Charge the pen mouse;
2)When the charging indicator blinks, please replace the AAA in time for stable performance.
3)There are two speed alternatives (500CP1 / 100CP1 and the default 1000DPI ). You can use the DPI speed switch to get your favorite cursor speed.

Technical specifications:

Wireless carrier frequency: 2402 MHz – 2480 MHz
Wireless working channel: 16, automatic frequency hopping
Rated working voltage: 5V
Rated operating current: 15 mA
Tracing system: optical
Maximum acceleration: 14 inches / second
Resolution: 500CP1 / 1000CP1 adjustable
USB interface: 2.0 version
Weight: 22.5 grams with pen stand
Size: 18 * 12 * 5CM
With color box weight: 97 grams

26 iPazzPort pen mouse

26 iPazzPort pen mouse


Wireless pen mouse 1
USB receiver 1 Battery
Pen stand:  1

System requirement:

-Windows 2000/XP/CE/
-Mac OS