iPazzPort Mini Wireless Keyboard Voice Input IR Remote Bluetooth Keyboard with touchpad mouse combo and backlit for iPad tablet

iPazzPort Mini Wireless Keyboard Voice Input IR Remote Bluetooth Keyboard with touchpad mouse combo and backlit for iPad tablet

This is a mini double-sided backlit bluetooth keyboard remote that features 3 unique properties: Voice version for voice chat and audio output ; touchpad mouse combo and scrollbar to replace your wired actual mouse for quick cursor track; infrared buttons that can be programmed to displace your supplied TV remote so that the users control their TV box and TV or even other home appliances altogether.


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bluetooth voice air mouse keyboard

voice bt fly mouse keyboard remote
Keyword description
- Mini Wireless bluetooth Keyboard with touchpad and scrollbar
- Double-sided, ergo, hand-held, 360-degree flip
- Voice input, audio output, speaker and microphone
- Infrared learning buttons of TV & AV mode
- Backlit version, QWERTY layout, media-friendly buttons
- Widely used for smart TV, firestick, Apple TV box, iPad, tablet, etc
- Compatible with Windows, Mac, Android/Google OS, Linux, etc.
- Lithium battery, long standby
- Voice chat online, watching and listening to TV by speaker or earphone plugged in this keyboard
- Home entertainment, multi-media, Education, Training, Conference, presentation
- iPad, tablet, smart phone, smart TV, Pi3, Android/ Google TV box, ps3 and others with Built-in Bluetooth connection.
- Used as a mini keyboard to input letters, control your TV, enjoy basic TV games, perform convenient interaction and replace the mouse,
-Battery capacity:800mA
-Touchpad: 35*35mm
-Operational voltage: 3.3V
-Charge voltage: 5V/300mA
-Standby: 400 hours
-Wireless Transmit Power: 2dBm
-Receiving Sensitivity:-85dBm
-Size: 163*60*12mm
-Weight: 107g

To reduces the price and considering a wired 3.5mm earphone is really a common unit for users, we don’t include a headset in the packaging any more.


bluetooth air mouse ir keyboard for firestick


bluetooth infrared air mouse remote controller


bluetooth fly mouse infrared touchpad keyboard remote


bluetooth infrared learning buttons air mouse keyboard


bluetooth fly mouse keyboard with touchpad

BT RGB backlit keyboard remote with touchpad for firestick

1 Which and where are the learning buttons located?
Answer: There are 6 learning buttons above TV key and AV key in the back.

2 Does this work with my Pi?
Answer: If your pi is a bluetooth version, it works. It also works with non-bluetooth device if you plug a bluetooth adapter into the host’s USB port.

3 Does it work with my firestick?
Answer: Yes. It works with bluetooth units including firestick, apple tv box, tablet, iPad, etc.

4 What about the voice mode?
Answer: The voice mode is for voice chat, default voice output after it is connected with your Firestick or smart TV.

5 What about the touchpad?
Answer: The touchpad integrates scrollbar, which faciliates your gesture on it, such as move, click, swipe all the directions just as you do with your actual mouse.

6 How to connect it with my firestick or tablet?
Answer: Activate their bluetooth mode and then follow the prompt to establish bluetooth connection.

7 Does it mean it can control my firestick and my tv altogeter?
Answer: Yes.Connect it with your firestick through bluetooth, and program these infrared buttons to replace your TV remote, then you can controll your firestick and TV altogether.

8 Is it a backlit version?


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