Updated 2019 Version with Multimedia Buttons, iPazzPort Mini Bluetooth Keyboard with Backlit for Smart TV, Android Tv Box

Updated 2019 Version with Multimedia Buttons, iPazzPort Mini Bluetooth Keyboard with Backlit for Smart TV, Android Tv Box

This min IR & Bluetooth QWERTY keyboard of backlit version is to be used in conjunction with your firestick/ fire TV box remote to input letters smoothly even in a dim room. Top of that, these 8 IR learning buttons can be programmed to control your TV or other IR-controlled devices.

Note: This item support OEM/ODM only.


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Mini Bluetooth keyboard with media buttons

For Smart TV and Android TV box

– Bluetooth mini keyboard for Fire Series
– 2019 version, new features
– QWERTY and Media-friendly buttons
– Backlit version
– With silicon sleeve for Voice Remote
– handled,ergo design

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Smart . Professional . Innovative

30BR mini bluetooth keyboard for Firestick

When the fire TV/fire stick came out three years ago, many users were shocked by its simplicity of the design and the following voice search mode.
They would have loved more its slim and effective design except for the hassles of time-consuming input experience, frequent missing of the slim remote, and of juggling multiple remote to turn on/off the smart TV, adjust the volume of the speaker or change the channels.

Based on the suggestion and feedback from our firm customers, we develop and reveal this Fire-TV-stick-oriented keyboard remote of  the third generation to solve the problems they faced mentioned above, with unique advantages to hit the bull’s eye.

Many thanks.

Perfect partner of your Fire TV stick remote

The detachable silicon sleeves in the back are to hold your original fire TV stick remote seamlessly so that you will never miss it any more.

30BR mini bluetooth keyboard for Firestick

Top of that,Through Bluetooth connection, the QWERTY keyboard will help you out of time-consuming pick-and-peck data input issues on your original remote. You can input data smoothly with keyboard side and flip over to enjoy the wonderful experience of the existing Firestick remote.

30B-R backlit bluetooth QWERTY keyboard with IR learning buttons for firestick

8 IR learning buttons

There are 8 IR leaning keys on the top end, including the power switch, source, volume+/-, channel+/-, and spare buttons A/B by default, which can be programmed to controlthe basic functions of your TV, turning on/off your TV directly, changing the channels adjusting the Voice conveniently,and more.

30BR mini bluetooth keyboard for Firestick

Help you out of from juggling multiple remot

Thanks to QWERTY layout for smooth data input, silicon sleeve to hold your original firestick remote,IR learning buttons to control your TV, and to spare IR buttons to control other IR-controlled appliances. That is to say, To control TV and advance your TV Stick remote experience come trun just with this keyboard remote. –perfect!

Gone are the hassles of putting many remotes on the table and juggling among them.

30BR mini bluetooth keyboard for Firestick

Backlit for convenience in dim room

The soft and ant-dazzling backlit is to enable you to input letters accurately and quickly to search the target programs without disturbing your roommates.(Press Fn and Spacebar to turn on/off the backlit)

30B-R backlit bluetooth QWERTY keyboard with IR learning buttons for firestick

It is widely compatible (All in one). This keyboard is not only for fire TV stick but also for most other devices with built-in Bluetooth.in regular life like surfing, browsing page, watch TV, play TV game, home entertainment, PPT, etc.

30BR mini bluetooth keyboard for Firestick


-Battery: lithium battery,3.8V
-Working voltage: 3.3V
-Low voltage: 3.3V (blue light shining)
-Sleep current: 0.06Ma / 14 minutes
-Working current: 0.2mA ~ 3.2mA
-Backlight current: 50mA /(off in 1 minute)
-Size: 155X46X15mm
-Weight: 90 g

System requirement:

-Mac OS
-Fire TV stick/New fire TV box

Packing list:

-mini keyboard   1
-Silicon sleeve     1
-Charging cable  1
-User manual      1

1 Can it control single or multiple devices at a time?
The Bluetooth part of the keyboard remote, besides the Fire TV stick, can connect with any other standard Bluetooth enabled devices ,while, it can only control one Bluetooth device at a time.
On the other hand, each key on the IR learning part can be programmed to any function button by learning value from its original, while the function of each programmed button will replaced by the last programmed set.

2 Does this work with the Amazon Fire Stick?
Yes it does. The Bluetooth version and the included silicon sleeves are specifically designed for the Amazon Fire TV stick.

3 I have 4 amazon fire sticks on 4 tv sets, can i use only one of these to program and operate all of them or do i need one for each firestick?
if all the TVs are the same brand and can share a single remote it would work great; otherwise you'll find yourself reprogramming the buttons per each TV;
Of course you can make the best of the two alternate keys

4 Does the Sideclick work with Sonos Playbar?
Yes. As a matter of fact , The IR learning part of this device works well with almost any IR remote .

5 Does this keyboard works with iPad/
Yes, Yes. As a matter of fact , The Bluetooth part of this keyboard works well with almost any device with Built-in Bluetooth or an external standard USB port to input an Bluetooth adapter.

6 How does this control multiple devices? The setup video made it seem like you can only control one device
You can program the 8 learning keys to control one or multiple devices with IR-controlled remote. The key is how you distribute them.
For example, the power button can be programmed to turn on a soundbar; the + and - buttons to control the voice of the soundbar; the graphic key to turn on/off the TV; and the arrow up/down key can to change the channels ; the two spare buttons to meet your other demands
Right here, with Bluetooth connection ,this keyboard also works well with other Bluetooth enabled devices, which makes the keyboard remote even compatible and considerate.

7 Do I have to have the original remote to pair it with my fire TV stick? I lost mine a long time ago...
That depends, you can use aother fire TV stick remote (from one of your neighbors or friends) or use your phone as a remote (in the help of the installed APP) to navigate your TV stick to establish Bluetooth connection with this keyboard.

8 Can this keyboard totally replace the fire stick remote?
Yes ,if your don’t care about the Siri and touchpad and really hate its tiny size and peck-and pick input mode.
To make the best compromise among them , we provide you with two silicon sleeve. Then, the choice is yours.

9 How did this work with YouTube?
On YouTube Search,YouTube onscreen keyboard only support Arrow keys and the Enter key function to navigate,not allowing inpu the Backspace key acts like a return key and takes to the previous page. The compatible issue remains unresolved today on the market.


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