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    • KP-810-16

      iPazzPort fly/air mouse Mini Wireless Keyboard With 2 mode learning IR remote

      Product user manual     Patent NO:ZL200820129781.4

        iPazzPort fly/air mouse Mini Wireless Keyboard With 2 mode learning IR remote, simply called fly/air mouse keyboard that with the additional feature for Windows, Linux, Mac, Google/Android os etc.

        The iPazzPort fly/air mouse Keyboard specialize designed for Google/Android TV /player (named as iPazzPort fly/air mouse Keyboard) which with full set of keys ((standard keyboard layout) and three axial gyroscope ) mouse at such miniature size. It can easily manage those inputs required by internet TV watching as well as web surfing through the Google/Android TV /player/ set top box. Beside that.

        The iPazzPort fly/air mouse Keyboard can act as the standard USB keyboard wireless extension. Like normal standard USB keyboard, the iPazzPort fly/air mouse Keyboard support s European characters input (definitely not only European character sets, it can accept any input character sets like Simplify Chinese etc.).

        Portable, elegant ,lifestyle - the iPazzPort fly/air mouse Keyboard meets the Golden section of mini-size but maintanin full-size keyboard's capability hence not limit on the usability. The world's first three axial gyroscope provide convenience when use as a remote control instead of key input and game operation, enable to operation in horizontal and vertical mode.

        Perfect control - Innovative design of the Navigation keys and multimedia control keys best suit for the entertainment need


        82 keys handheld style keyboard

        Ultra sensitive 3 axial Gyro-sensor , Use as point and click no mouse is required for simple portable operation.it is convenience to operate in horizontal and vertical mode for game and typing.

        Multi-language supporting

        2 mode Ir learning function: Quick learning IR codes from original remotes, can be paired with any home IR device

        Special keys for supporting Google TV set top box

        Unique Page up and Page down key for presentation

        Backlighting: Makes text entry effortless even in low light.

        Plug and play: no need to install software.

        Freedom pairing

        Mini USB dongle, inside case.It is convenient for carring

        Windows Multimedia Control

        2.4G : Enjoy long-range wireless control from up to 10 metre (33 feet) away

        4 in 1: 2.4g air mouse, 3 axial Gyro-sensor, wireless keyboard and 2 mode IR learning remote.

        Real QWERTY full function mini keyboard with more defined buttons.

        Full Function keys (F1 to F12) and Multi-Media Key (Play, Pause, Next, Previous, Mute, Volume Up, Volume Down).

        Build-in rechargeable Li-ion batteries: Last longer up to two weeks between charges.

        Short recharge time: Around two hours can fully charge the battery.

        Indication light: Multiple indication lights for signal, data transmission and power.

    • System Requirements

        Android PC OS, Mac OS, Linux(Debian-3.1,Redhat-9.0 Ubuntu-8.10 Fedora-7.0 tested), Windows (all) with USB port


        Operating distance: 10 meters

        Model: 2.4G RF

        Battery capacity:800mA

        Transmitting power: Max +4dBm

        Working voltage: 3.3V

        Working current: <150mA

        Charge voltage: 4.2V~5.05V

        Charge current: <350mA

        Sleep current: <1mA

        Dimension: 110 X 65 X 13 mm

        Weight: 70g

        Color: black

      Package Contents

        fly/air mouse Mini Wireless Keyboard

        USB Dongle

        USB Charging Cable

        User's Manual

        Unit weight: 223g

        Size: 183 x 115 x 43 mm